Classification Society(CR)

In view of the fact that the ships examination and the navigation is closely linked safely, the world various shipping great nation sets up its our country to examine the ship organization, carries out the ships the strict examination.My shipping industry, the insurance business and the ship-building industry man of insight from all walks of life, for strive for the shipping industry vigorous development, thought salty organizes our country to examine the ship organization to for essential, was establishes “China February 15, 1951 in Taibei to examine the ship association”, the abbreviation” CR”, organized for the juridical association, is directed the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Communications service surveillance. 
Turned round in July 1, 1978 ships of law 87th stipulation according to the new revision, the reorganization is “China examines the ship center” (still to continue to use original English name), became only receives financial group of legal people the Ministry of Communications service surveillance to organize.And in the Republic of China 102 years on May 1 the name change is " CR Classification Society ", the abbreviation maintains " CR ", it examines the ship system, the technology standard and the examination personnel, still inherited, by up to in now.