JR Precision Propeller

About Us

The owner of the company started to be in propeller industry in 1987, and one decade later, in the year of 1997, he established Jr Hsen Ship Technology Co., Ltd. The factory locates at Da Fa Industry District in Gaoxiong City, a famous port city in Taiwan. The factory is well equipped with fine and advanced apparatus, which grasps American invention patent for propeller measuring gage and propeller patents. The research, innovation, refinement of all the propellers are all conducted and manufactured in Taiwan. We regard senior professional technicians as our treasure, pursuing high quality, high efficiency and high precision propellers with ISO standard our philosophy, satisfying customs’ demand of integrated after-sale service our responsibility.


Adhering to making the best of propellers is our target. Each and every propeller from our factory being the perfect one is our belief.


We offer customized propellers of special specifications and special materials, such as stainless steel, nickel-aluminum bronze, manganese bronze and so on. We design, manufacture and sell professional propeller computer scanners, propeller measuring gages, ship-use shafts, zinc plates, zinc balls and hardware.

Measure of propellers  

High quality propellers, whose manufacture needs professional measuring gage to guarantee. The propeller computer pitch scanner is a propeller measuring gage designed, developed and manufactured by us, which gained the American patent for invention.  


Product Application

  1. Propeller for Ship Building:For Yacht, Fishing Ships, Patrol Ships, Tug Boats, Transportation, Cruiser.
  2. Energy Sources Development:For Hydraulic Energy.